For Employers

At we are helping companies to recruit the best people around the world.

What would you get by registering?

  • Unlimited job posts
  • Visualization of your job posts on map
  • Synchronization with your preferred recruitment tool or API
  • Company profile page
  • Daily statistics*
  • Quarterly recruitment market report*

Why should you even care?

Unlimited job posts functionality will save you a lot of money spend on publishing (limited) job posts elsewhere. One average one job post costs around $129, with for unlimited posts you are going to pay just $99.

Visualization of your job posts on map will help people to see where are you located and where are you looking for employees. People tend to be happier and stay longer at a given company if their commuting time is short.

This new way of visualizing your job posts can enhance your meetings related to hiring or general strategy. We can also help you embed this map on your company’s website for search engine optimization..

Synchronization with your preferred recruitment tool or API will help you to save many hours for your recruiters, freeing them from the robotic work of copying your job posts to multiple websites manually. From now on they would need to post once in your preferred recruitment tool, allowing them to focus on what is really important: recruiting. Everything else will happen automatically!

With company’s profile page you will get world wide visibility for your company. You will be able to add a company biography and logo, with many fancy new features in the future.

  • Additionally, you will get some statistics about visits,and more which will help you find your future star employee. This data will drive advanced AI matching between companies and candidates in the future - stay tuned!(*)
  • Daily statistics will show you trends on your visibility relative to other companies, including how many people visited or applied to your job posts. Quarterly recruitment market reports will give you an overview of trends in your recruitment market.(*)

* Still under development - see blog